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    The Importance of Locking Your Gun Up

    Last updated 10 days ago

    From the very first day you bring your son or daughter home from the hospital, you work hard to ensure that your little one stays healthy, happy, and safe. One important safeguard that you should never overlook is locking up any weapons, especially guns. Just like the children in this video share, locking up a gun is a simple yet crucial responsibility that every partner needs to take seriously.

    Locking up a gun in the home doesn't have to be a difficult nor an expensive task. Once you have installed a gun safe, simply remove the ammunition from the firearm and store them separately before double checking that the gun safe has been properly locked.

    If you're ready to take the step to lock up your gun or guns, then contact Armstrong Lock & Security Inc. today at (407) 434-0181. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right type of safe for your home.


    Ensuring Your Guns Are Stored Safely

    Last updated 19 days ago

    One of the biggest responsibilities you have to take on when becoming a gun owner is keeping your new firearm secure and out of the reach of any children in the home. Here at Armstrong Lock & Security Inc., we have been helping clients safely store their firearms and can help you learn more about selecting the right gun safe. Take a look at the information below for tips on ensuring that your guns are stored safely:

    Begin by Adequately Locking Your Firearm
    Before ever placing your weapon into a gun safe, it is essential that you lock it properly and empty it of any ammunition. Guns vary quite widely when it comes to the manner by which they are locked, and you can learn more about adequately locking your specific type of gun by consulting with a local law enforcement agent or the retailer that initially sold you the firearm.

    Separate Gun and Ammunition
    As we previously suggested, it is incredibly important to empty a gun of its ammo before you place it into a gun safe. Once the weapon and the bullets, clips, or magazines have been separated from one another, be sure to place them in two separate storage units. Keeping these items apart makes it far more difficult for the weapon to be accidentally used or mistakenly misfired by a visitor to your home or a younger resident.

    Limit Gun Safe Accessibility
    Another essential part of ensuring that your guns are stored safely is purchasing a gun safe that contains a reliable entry system. Whether you access the safe through a number combination, a key, or a more advanced technique like a biometrics sensor, it is essential that the accessibility is limited. Only you and those trained to use the weapon should have access to the key to the safe or know the combination used to open it.

    Here at Armstrong Lock & Security Products, Inc., we have been helping clients find smart and secure solutions to gun storage for decades. As a client, you can be sure that your safety and comfort are two of our biggest if not most important concerns. To learn more about our gun safes or to discuss other services like CCTV, access control, or locksmith services, call us at (407) 434-0181. 

    An Inside Look at a Combination Lock

    Last updated 25 days ago

    Whether you're preparing to securely store your firearms or have plans to lock up crucial documents such as your Social Security cards and passports, you want to be sure that the safe you choose offers the right amount of protection. One style of safes that your access control specialists may recommend is one that opens using a combination lock. This type of lock relies on three cams that lie within that have to work in unison to release the lock. When you turn the lock to reach each number in your combination, teeth on these cams rotate, engage a latch to to fit into carefully crafted indentations, before eventually releasing the U-shaped component on top, known as the hasp.

    While the engineering behind the basic combination lock may sound complex, each unique safeguard works to ensure that the contents being protected by the lock are out of reach for intruders. Here at Armstrong Lock & Security Inc., we offer safes, including gun safes, that open using combination locks, keys, and even biometric data. To learn more about our safes as well as our locksmith services or our CCTV products, call (407) 434-0181.

    Items to Store in a Home Safe, Not a Bank

    Last updated 1 month ago

    In order to keep your possessions and the ones you love secure and well taken care of the whole year through, it's a good idea to place certain items in an appropriate home safe. While you may be tempted to store a majority of these personal possessions off-site in a bank deposit box, safety experts agree that it’s actually more beneficial to limit the amount of items you store in such a location. Here is a look at some items that you should always store in a home safe and not a bank:

    Important Documents and Original Copies
    When it comes to storing important documents such as passports, birth certificates, insurance policies, and your living will, there is no better place than a secure home safe. It's also wise to store the original copies of any social security cards you or your family members might be in possession of within that same home safe. By having these items in the home, you can access them more easily and are guaranteed access to them even in the event of a death or major family crisis.

    Valuables You Frequently Use or Wear
    Although a safety deposit box at the bank might seem like a logical storage place for all of your valuable jewels and baubles, it's much more convenient to keep those that you frequently wear close to the rest of your wardrobe. The right safe from your Orlando access control and gun safe retailer can provide you with security and peace of mind for those items while also making them readily available to you.

    External Hard Drives and Digital Devices
    In addition to important documents and valuable jewelry that you enjoy wearing, you should also consider keeping external hard drives and other digital devices in your home safe. This is an especially pragmatic suggestion if you frequently use such devices to store important family photos, tax documents, or other files that you plan on keeping for years to come.

    Now that you know which valuables should be stored in a home safe instead of a deposit box at your local bank, it's time to visit Armstrong Lock & Security Inc. to find your perfect safe. Since 1929 we have been providing Orlando area clients with a unique selection of safes, including gun safes. Call us at (407) 434-0181 to learn more about our products or to find out about our locksmith and access control services.

    Reasons to Lock Up Your Prescription Medicines

    Last updated 1 month ago

    While most people think of home safes as the perfect place to store documents, jewelry, and items of high monetary value, one of the most practical purposes they can serve is as a barrier between children and potentially harmful prescription medications. Each year, thousands of children end up in the hospital after swallowing pills that they mistook for candy.

    Another reason it's wise to lock up medications is that they could be used in an abusive manner by older children who don't have a solid understanding of the consequences of taking prescriptions that are not meant for them. You can learn more about the many reasons to lock up your prescription medicines by watching this video.

    No matter what type of important or potentially dangerous items you require a safe for, the friendly staff here at Armstrong Lock & Security Inc. can assist you in selecting the right safe. Call us at (407) 434-0181 to learn more about our selection of safes. 

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