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    How to Remove Cylinders to Replace Your Door Locks

    Last updated 8 days ago

    If you want to strengthen your home’s defenses, a good place to start is by changing the locks. You can hire a locksmith to change the locks for you, or you can do it yourself if you are so inclined. In this video, you will see how standard door locks fit together and how to remove the front and back cylinders.

    For the best selection of dead bolts in Orlando, contact Armstrong Lock & Security, Inc. We are one of the leading providers of security products in Orlando. Visit our website to see our full selection of dead locks, gun safes, and access control systems. If you have any questions, call our professional locksmiths at (407) 434-0181. 

    Tips for Choosing the Right Door Lock

    Last updated 14 days ago

    When it comes to choosing the right door lock, there are several variables to consider. These variables include price, ease of installation, and security. More expensive locks tend to provide greater security, and security is typically worth the money. Here are a few tips for choosing the right door lock for your home or business.

    Slip Bolt
    The slip bolt, or spring latch, is easy to install as well as inexpensive. When you leave your house and you put your key into your doorknob, you are locking a slip bolt lock. This type of lock prevents the doorknob from rotating, which impedes the spring from retrieving the latch from the doorway. This is not the most secure type of lock because of its vulnerabilities; however, it helps to cover the gap between the door and the doorway with a metal plate to help prevent intrusion.

    Single Deadbolt
    The deadbolt is usually more expensive than a slip bolt, but it is also substantially more secure. This type of lock works by sliding a solid bolt of steel, brass, or bronze into the doorway, and it is not easily compromised. However, it is important that your bolt is made of a solid, unbreakable material. If you use a single deadbolt on a glass door, keep in mind that an intruder may be able to shatter the door and reach in to operate the lock from the inside.

    Double Deadbolt
    The double deadbolt is similar to the single deadbolt, but it is even more secure. This lock succeeds where the single deadbolt is vulnerable. A key is necessary to operate a double-cylinder deadbolt, regardless of which side of the door you are on. This means that if an intruder does break through your glass door, there will be no lever to pull or switch to rotate in order to unlock the door.

    For more tips for choosing the right door lock for your home or business, call Armstrong Lock and Security Inc. at (407) 434-0181. We have been protecting homes and businesses in the Orlando area since 1929. Find out more about our residential and commercial locksmith services by visiting our website or coming to see us.

    Important Safety Rules for Gun Storage

    Last updated 19 days ago

    The first step towards becoming a responsible gun owner is purchasing and installing a gun safe in your home. A gun safe is important for any gun owner, but is especially imperative if you have children or adolescents living at home. Of course, you also need to make sure that your weapon can be easily accessed should the time ever come when you need to quickly retrieve it in an emergency situation. Here are some tips and rules for storing guns in a gun safe that will help you strike a balance between security and accessibility.

    Keep Your Guns Locked
    In addition to keeping your firearms securely locked inside a gun safe, use a secure locking device on all of your weapons. Trigger locks and cable locks are two of the most common locks used to block a firearm’s operation. To ensure quick access to your weapons, keep the lock keys and the safe keys together.

    Store Unloaded Firearms Only
    The National Rifle Association recommends that gun owners keep their weapons unloaded until they are ready to be used. This is particular important for gun owners who have children or adolescents living at home, as children may easily learn how to unlock a gun safe if care isn’t taken when opening and closing a gun safe.

    Place Ammunition in a Separate Safe
    Should a child or burglar gain access to your gun safe, you want to make sure that there are no bullets to load inside the guns. Place ammunition inside a separate safe on top or beside the gun safe. You can even place the small ammunition safe inside the gun safe, so long as it remains locked.

    If you would like to own a quality gun safe, contact Armstrong Lock & Security, Inc. Since 1929, we have supplied the highest quality safes in the Orlando area. Visit our website to browse our selection of gun safes, or call us at (407) 434-0181 to speak with one of our safe experts

    Tips for Scrutinizing Your Home Security

    Last updated 25 days ago

    Even if you have a top of the line locks, just about every home can benefit from a home security inspection. A do-it-yourself home security check can help you asses your home’s weak points and reduce the risk of a break-in. Once you assess your home’s security level, you can contact an security professional to strengthen the weak points in your home’s defenses. Here are some tips for scrutinizing your level of security at home.

    Check the Lighting
    When evaluating your home security, start by assessing how well your home is lit. Look at your home at night from the front yard or sidewalk and take note of any dark areas near windows and doors that could allow cover for burglars. Install motion-activated floodlights in dark or dimly lit areas to scare away any would-be intruders.

    Test the Doors and Windows
    A home security system might make a burglar think twice about breaking into your home, but it won’t stop them completely. As far a home defense goes, you need to make sure that your doors and windows lock tight and don’t budge open easily once they are secured. If you can push open locked doors and windows around your home, contact a locksmith to install stronger locks or to reinforce your door frames.

    Look for Weak Access Points
    As you evaluate your home security, look for weak access points around your home. Unlocked garage doors, sliding glass doors, attic windows, and basement windows are all weak points that burglars usually check first. Make sure these areas and any other vulnerable access points are strengthened and reinforced if necessary.

    If you want to improve your home security, start by contacting Armstrong Lock & Security, Inc. Since 1929, we have been one of the premier security providers in Orlando. From gun safes and access control systems to fully-integrated CCTV system, we provide everything you need to strengthen your home’s defenses. Call us today at (407) 434-0181 to learn more about our products and services. 

    Spotlight on the Primus High Security Single Deadbolt

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Not all locks are created equally, and when it comes to security, it is important to know which types of locks will keep you safe. The deadbolt lock is one type of lock that tends to do an excellent job of providing trusted security, and the Primus high security deadbolt is one of the best deadbolt locks on the market.  

    One reason that deadbolts are so effective in maintaining security is the fact that they cannot be easily picked or opened from the outside. The Primus high security single deadbolt takes this to the next level with added protective features like a deadbolt diameter that is 10 percent larger than others. It also features a large strike plate as well as attractive finishes, so your lock can be as aesthetically pleasing as it is secure.

    If you would like to know more about the Primus high security single deadbolt, call Armstrong Lock and Security Inc. at (407) 434-0181. We specialize in safes, lock hardware, and access control systems. For more information about our locksmith and access control services, visit our website. If you live in the Orlando, stop by today and meet us.

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